Tlanezi Martínez in a park

Tlanezi L. Martínez Reyes, she/her

Universität Stuttgart

Tlanezi explores the effects and implications of microplastics terrestrial and marine environments. 

Meet Tlanezi Martínez, CoCo Fellow 2022! 

The CoCo SciComm Team asked Tlanezi about her aspirations for the program: 

Q: What do you expect to gain from CoCo? 

A: Knowledge about scientific communication and learning more about python, as well as meeting many people with whom to share experiences and create a network of contacts that benefits us all, and that will allow us in the future or now to collaborate or help us to carry out successful our investigations. I know it will be a unique experience!

Tlanezi is loyal, persevering, and resilient. She enjoys hiking and trips, loves the outdoors, reads books, and appreciates a nice chat with a coffee.

You can follow Walter's updates on her Instagram