Sofía Barragán, CoCo SciComm Consultant

Sofía Barragán , M.Sc.,  she/her

Science Communication Coach

Sofía is is a Ph.D. student and Graduate Research Assistant in Marun University, Germany. She explores the use of benthic foraminifera to reconstruct paleoenvironmental and paleoceanographic events.

CoCo SciComm Team interviewed Alejandra, one of our SciComm Consultants, to get insight into her motivation and purpose for teaching at CoCo. 

Q: What do you enjoy most about working with the team?

A: Getting to work on a diverse team that truly undestands the needs of our community.

Q: What made you decide to be involved in a program like CoCo?

A: The aim and scope of the project were significant for me as a Latina scientist, I hope that my involvement contributes to achieving CoCo's objectives and helping our community thrive.

Q: What kind of activities do you enjoy doing outside work? 

A: I love traveling, visiting museums, learning new languages, and also spending some time doing outreach

We esteem Sofia's passion for science communication, her contributions to the Geoscience community and the Foraminifera field. Sofia is also the Social Media Leader of the GeoLatinas Blog, a multilingual platform that inspired the development of CoCo. You can follow Sofia's updates on her Twitter, Instagram, and her website

Lastly, take a look at Sofia's feature on CoCo's Twitter and Instagram accounts.