Alina Valop, CoCo Coding Intern

Alina Valop, she/her

Coding Intern

Alina is a Ph.D Student in Geodynamics at the Virginia Tech University, US. She is currently studying the effects of the core-mantle boundary in lower mantle dynamics and creates planetary models that try to explain the evolution of planetary interiors

CoCo SciComm Team interviewed Alina, one of our Coding Trainers, to get insight into her motivation and purpose for teaching at CoCo. 

Q: What are some of the things you expect to learn from CoCo? 

A: I really like how passionate everyone is about helping others 

Q: What made you decide to be involved in a bilingual program such as CoCo?

A: I consider that CoCo is breaching a gap by teaching people how to code and I want to be part of that effort. 

Q: What kind of activities do you enjoy doing outside work? 

A: I love reading and camping.

We love Alina's enthusiasm and energy to spread her joy in teaching and learning.