Denise in a park

Denise Poveda, she/her

Louisiana State University 

Denise looks at the quantification of belowground biomass of mangroves and sediment accumulation in different coastal environmental settings of Costa Rica. The main objective is to determine the contribution of live and dead biomass, as well as the sediment loading and decomposition rates to blue carbon storage and sequestration potential across estuarine and deltaic settings on a global scale. 

Meet Denise Poveda, CoCo Fellow 2022! 

The CoCo SciComm Team asked Denise about her aspirations for the program: 

Q: What do you expect to gain from CoCo? 

A: I want to be part of a community of Latinxs/Hispanic scientists and build up my coding skills. 

Denise is independent, easygoing and curious . She enjoys playing with her roommate’s cat, Sol, listening to audiobooks and spending time with her friends. Ideally she would spend the day outside identifying plants, but she also enjoys binge watching shows. 

You can follow Denise's updates on her Twitter and  Instagram