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Ariadna G. Rosado Viurques, she/her

Universidad Iberoamericana

Ariadna explores ways to support the mining industry and focus on aliavate the effects after COVID. 

Meet Ariadna Rosado, CoCo Fellow 2022! 

The CoCo SciComm Team asked Ariadna about her aspirations for the program: 

Q: What do you expect to gain from CoCo? 

A: I want to meet more women who have different paths in geosciences, and learn from them and how they are each successful in their own way. I hope to be able to program in a pleasant environment, where I can lose the fear of showing that I am not good at it, but that I understand that I must learn it to achieve my life goals.

Ariadna is dreamy, persistent, and kind. She likes to try different things, read a book, watch shows, embroid blouses, and work out.