Dr. Santiago Soler, CoCo Coding Trainer 

Santiago Soler, Ph.D., he/him

Coding Coach

Santiago is a researcher in the Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences at the University of British Columbia who explores new methodologies for processing and modeling gravity data. 

CoCo SciComm Team interviewed Sergio, one of our Coding Trainers, to get insight into her motivation and purpose for teaching at CoCo. 

Q: What are some of the things you expect to learn from CoCo? 

A: I would love to learn a lot from students' research and how learning how to code will help them to achieve their goals.

Q: What made you decide to be involved in a bilingual program such as CoCo?

A: CoCo offers me the possibility to share the coding experience I got while developing @fatiandoaterra to a diverse audience through a bilingual program.

Q: What kind of activities do you enjoy doing outside work? 

A: I love outdoor activities like hiking, rock climbing, cycling, and kayaking.

We are inspired by Santiago's passion for teaching and creating inclusive coding content. You can follow Santiago's updates following his Twitter account. 

Lastly, take a look at Santiago's feature on CoCo's Instagram account.