Denise in a boat

Ileana Callejas, she/her

University of California, Los Angeles 

Denise´s research involves remote sensing and microbiology techniques for water quality in the US and abroad. She have used satellite imagery to monitor impacts of COVID-19 shutdowns in Belize and produced a coral vulnerability index. She also searchs for trends in antibiotic resistance and fecal indicator bacteria in Los Angeles and Belize. Lastly, she studies impacts remote sensing modules can have on student learning. 

Meet Ileana Callejas, CoCo Fellow 2022! 

The CoCo SciComm Team asked Ileana about her aspirations for the program: 

Q: What do you expect to gain from CoCo? 

A: I expect to learn more about Python and meet other geoscientists. 

Ileana is inquisitive, considerate, hardworking. I enjoy spending time with my family and fiance 

You can follow Ileana's updates on her Twitter and  Instagram