CoCo Program 2023

Who are we? 

CoCo targets early-career researchers looking to advance their knowledge in Python, plus communicate their findings via effective and innovative communication strategies in both English and Spanish. 

US-based candidates from Latin, Hispanic, and Caribbean backgrounds with basic conversational English and Spanish knowledge will take priority into consideration for admittance to the program.

Word cloud of skills learned from participant from CoCo Cohort 1

Word cloud of skills learned from CoCo Cohort 1 participants

Time commitment 

CoCo is designed for five hours a week for two separate five-week virtual seasons in Spring 2023. The coding classes will be held on Monday in Spanish, and Wednesday in English at 11:00 a.m. EST. The science communication classes are bilingual on Saturdays at the same time, followed by a short coding practice session. Students should plan to attend either the Spanish or English coding classes (or both), coding practice sessions, and science communication classes on Saturdays.  

You are eligible if: 

See Coquites Cohort 1 Fellow profiles for inspiration.

GeoHackeo 2023

Your participation in the GeoHackeo 2023, our final week-long virtual event is encouraged. During the GeoHackeo, students will work in groups for four to five hours a day to develop a research project and present their findings at the GeoHackeo Symposium 2023. 

CoCo coding classes through zoom

CoCo Saturday classes

Who are your hosts? 

Classes are taught by early career researchers from various Geosciences fields. Our diverse and interdisciplinary group of coaches are from different parts of the globe: Argentina, Puerto Rico, Chile, Estados Unidos y Colombia. Visit our Team and Coaches page to know them! 

Deadline is November 14, 2022, before 11:59 PM EST.