Gisela holding a specimen. 

Gisela Morán, she/her

IDEA(CONICET-Universidad Nacional de Córdoba)

Gisela explores mapping texhniques to identify marine ecosystems areas threatened by climate change.  

Meet Gisela Morán, CoCo Fellow 2022! 

The CoCo SciComm Team asked Gisela about her aspirations for the program: 

Q: What do you expect to gain from CoCo? 

A: I am convinced that this program will allow me to discover new tools, perspectives and opportunities to outline new projects in my professional and scientific future. On a personal level, I believe that this type of program allows students to have contact with people of different nationalities and realities, and perspectives, making it possible to draw new ideas about the world, which I consider extremely enriching.

Gisela is feminist, commitment, and empathic. She enjoys doing aerial acrobatics, spending time with friends, learning to sew, and strolling through the rivers and lakes.

You can follow Gisela's updates on her Twitter and  Instagram